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UDDI Resources
UDDI: Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
Chapter6 of  Java Web Services, By Tyler Jewell, David Chappell.
Four myths about UDDI, the Web services registry
Before Web services can really take root, the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registry, an important catalyst in the evolution of Web services, must first gain momentum. Without UDDI, or other types of Web services directories, Web services could be hard to find. Literally.
Java Web Services  Chapter 6: UDDI Book  By Tyler Jewell, David Chappell
The Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) Project provides a standardized method for publishing and discovering information about web services.
Using UDDI at Run Time  This article walks through using UDDI at run time and discusses how UDDI, both the public registry and UDDI Services available in Microsoft Windows .NET Server, can act as infrastructure for Web services to support client applications.
Service Registry Proxy In order to provide additional tools to the Web services developer, this article discusses a new API -- the Service Registry Proxy, or SRP -- which helps to raise the abstraction level during application development and promotes seamless integration between UDDI and WSDL elements.  
Understanding   UDDI and JAXR "I recently spent a good part of a week pouring through magazines and online materials looking for comprehensive information for the role and necessity of UDDI/WSDL for Services. I hope that by writing this article, I can save you a ton of time going through a similar exercise."
Overview of UDDI This article describes the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) standard, an evolving standard for describing, publishing, and finding Web services that a business provides.
Introducing th UDDI SDK  (MS) This paper describes the facilities provided in the basic SDK, explains the objects included, and explains how to use them.
UDDI4J: Matchmaking for Web services As part of its continued commitment to Web services, IBM has released UDDI4J, an open-source Java implementation of the Universal Discovery, Description, and Integration protocol (UDDI). In this article, we'll discuss the basics of UDDI, the Java API to UDDI, and how you can use this technology to start building, testing, and deploying your own Web services.  
Introduction to UDDI UDDI provides a database of businesses searchable by the type of business. You typically search using business taxonomy such as the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) or the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).
UDDI API Spec  The specification of UDDI API.
Understanding WSDL in a UDDI registry The Web Services Description Language has a lot of versatility in its methods of use. In particular, WSDL can work with UDDI registries in several different ways depending upon the application needs. In this first of a three-part series, we will look at these different methods of using WSDL with UDDI registries.  
UDDI White Paper  A technical discussion of UDDI.
UDDI.org  The Official UDDI site.
Microsoft UDDI Microsoft Universal Description Discovery Integration Project.
IBM UDDI IBM UDDI services and resources.
UDDI: An Web Service A MSDN article covers basis of UUDI with examples.
XML Cover Pages (UDDI) OASIS UDDI Cover Pages by Robin Cover.
Using WSDL in UDDI The purpose of this document is to clarify the relationship between the two, describe how WSDL can be used to help create UDDI business service descriptions.
Best Practices How to use WSDL in UDDI.
Finding Compatible Services Dan Rogers explains how to find compatible services in UDDI and how to bind to a particular service.
Why Will UDDI Succeeded? On UDDI's six-month birthday, we suggest that two aspects of the growing momentum for web services—one economic, one technical—will help make a success of the standard for registering and discovering web-based services.
UDDI Promises Link To Web Services One potential way to find and access Web services--most easily defined as Web applications that can interact with other Web apps using a common XML message protocol--is via Universal Description, Discovery and Integration. (InternetWeek)
UDDI: An XML Web Service The Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) Service is now up and running at Microsoft, IBM, and Ariba. This is an online Web Service that you can use from your applications to dynamically discover other online services, all neatly packaged in a simple XML interface.
Inside UDDI With the backing of more than 280 companies, the Universal Description, Discover and Integration Registry looks to have staying power. Yet many enterprises haven't even started to tap its power yet.
UDDI Reference An online reference to UDDI specifications.
UDDI Registies
Microsoft UDDI
  • General Info  : http://uddi.microsoft.com
  • Live Inquiries: http://uddi.microsoft.com:80/inquire
  • Live Publish  : https://uddi.microsoft.com:443/publish
  • Test Inquiries: http://test.uddi.microsoft.com:80/inquire
  • Test Publish  : https://test.uddi.microsoft.com:443/publish
  • Test Inq (v2) : http://uddi.rte.microsoft.com:80/inquire
  • Test Pub (v2) : https://uddi.rte.microsoft.com:443/publish
  • General Info  :https://www-3.ibm.com/services/uddi/protect/registry.html
  • Live Inquiries: http://www-3.ibm.com:80/services/uddi/inquiryapi
  • Live Publish  : https://www-3.ibm.com:443/services/uddi/protect/publishapi
  • Test Inquiries: http://www-3.ibm.com:80/services/uddi/testregistry/inquiryapi
  • Test Publish  : https://www-3.ibm.com:443/services/uddi/testregistry/protect/publishapi
  • Test Inq (v2) : http://www-3.ibm.com:80/services/uddi/v2beta/inquiryapi
  • Test Pub (v2) : https://www-3.ibm.com:443/services/uddi/v2beta/protect/publishapi
  • General Info  :http://uddi.hp.com
  • Live Inquiries: http://uddi.hp.com/ubr/inquire
  • Live Publish  : https://uddi.hp.com/ubr/publish.
  • General Info  : http://xmethods.net
  • Live Inquiries: http://uddi.xmethods.net/inquire
  • Live Publish  : None (XMethods UDDI is private).

(Note: XMethod inquiries support both V1 and V2 interfaces.)

  • General Info  : http://systinet.com
  • Inquiries     : http://www.systinet.com:80/wasp/uddi/inquiry/
  • Publish       : http://www.systinet.com:443/wasp/uddi/publishing/
Development Tools
Microsoft UDDI SDK For .NET framework, Windows.
UDDI4J UDDI4J is a Java class library that provides an API to interact with a UDDI registry. Open source, IBM public license.
jUDDI jUDDI is a Java implementation, BSD License.
Glue  Java implementation, commercial, support both v1 and v2 specification.
WASP UDDI Java implementation, commercial, support both v1 and v2 specification.
SOAP UDDI SOAP UDDI is a reference implementation of the UDDI specification.

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