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Service Name Description Owner WSDL
eBay Price Watcher Checks current bid price of an eBay auction. xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/EBayWatcherService.wsdl
Delayed Stock Quote 20 minute delayed stock quote. xmethods http://services.xmethods.net/soap/urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes.wsdl
California Traffic Conditions California highway conditions. Source of information: Caltrans website xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/CATrafficService.wsdl
Currency Exchange Rate Exchange rate between any two currencies. Takes in country1 and country2, and returns the exchange rate between currencies (Returns value of 1 unit of country1's currency converted into country2's unit currency). The following country names are valid: afghanistan albania algeria andorra andorra angola argentina aruba australia austria bahrain bangladesh barbados belgium belize bermuda bhutan bolivian botswana brazil england united kingdom uk great britain brunei burundi cambodia canada cape verde cayman islands chile china colombia comoros costa rica croatia cuba cyprus czech republic denmark dijibouti dominican republic netherlands east caribbean ecuador egypt el salvador estonia ethiopia euro falkland islands fiji finland france gambia germany ghana gibraltar greece guatemala guinea guyana haiti honduras hong kong hungary iceland india indonesia iraq ireland israel italy jamaica japan jordan kazakhstan kenya korea kuwait laos latvia lebanon lesotho liberia libya lithuania luxembourg macau macedonia malaga malawi kwacha malaysia maldives malta mauritania mauritius mexico moldova mongolia morocco mozambique myanmar namibia nepal new Zealand nicaragua nigeria north korea norway oman pakistan panama papua new guinea paraguay peru philippines poland portugal qatar romania russia samoa sao tome saudi arabia seychelles sierra leone singapore slovakia slovenia solomon islands somalia south africa spain sri lanka st helena sudan suriname swaziland sweden switzerland syria taiwan tanzania thailand tonga trinidad tunisia turkey united states us usa uae united arib emirates uganda ukraine uzbekistan vanuatu venezuela vietnam yemen yugoslavua zambia zimbabwe xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/CurrencyExchangeService.wsdl
Domain Name Checker Checks whether a domain name is available or not. Returns the string "available" or "unavailable" Source: Network Solutions Web Page xmethods http://services.xmethods.net/soap/urn:xmethods-DomainChecker.wsdl
Barnes and Noble Price Quote Returns price of a book at BN.com given an ISBN number. xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/BNQuoteService.wsdl
Weather - Temperature Current temperature in a given U.S. zipcode region. xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/TemperatureService.wsdl
XMethods Filesystem Virtual Filesystem service with 1MB quota. Allows a client to save, read, and delete string-based files from a "virtual filesystem" hosted on the XMethods server, using a soap interface. For more information, please see the service home page above. xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/XMethodsFilesystemService.wsdl
BabelFish Interface for AltaVista's Babelfish service. Translates text of up to 5k in length. For more information about the service, see the babelfish homepage. xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/BabelFishService.wsdl
FedEx Tracker Access to FedEx Tracking information Method takes in a FedEx Tracking Number, and returns latest status from FedEx. xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/FedExTrackerService.wsdl
Fortune This service will return XML formatted fortunes randomly chosen from dictionary files. The caller may retrieve a list of available dictionaries, request a random fortune from a specific dictionary, or a random fortune from a random dictionary. lemurlabs http://www.lemurlabs.com/projects/soap/fortune/FortuneService.wsdl
XMethods Listings Service SOAP Interface to the XMethods Services listings. Currently one method is supported - "getAllSOAPServices", an interface to retrieve all current active listings. The method requires no arguments, and returns an array of structures that contain the following information: ID - XMethods unique ID for listing name - name of service owner - name of organization that owns the service description homepageURL - service home page URL endpoint - URL of SOAP Endpoint SOAPAction - expected value of SOAPAction header value methodNamespaceURI - governing namespace URI for service methodName - name (or names) of methods exposed by service wsdlURL - URL pointer to WSDL file describing service instructions - Instructions on how to implement service contact_email - Where to write email regarding service serverImplementation - name of soap implementation used xmethods http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/XMethodsListingsService.wsdl
whois A SOAP version of the standard whois service Simon Fell http://soap.4s4c.com/whois/soap.asp?WSDL
Bombay Stock Exchange StockQuotes Provides delayed stock quote for a BSE scrip code. ITFinity  
ElevenProspect RSS Provides RSS (Rich site summary) files for several sites including: 10.am (http://www.10.am) Moreover (http://www.moreover.com) and others. Please see service home page for more info. Full list of available paths is at: http://www.elevenprospect.com/develop/projects/rss elevenProspect  
GUID Generates Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID). ITFinity http://www.itfinity.net:8008/soap/guid/guid.wsdl
Address Management and Control Full-featured adressbook system. Address creation, deletion, amendment. Address lookup management. Searching ability. Text/note allocation to specific addresses. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/CAddress/CAddress.xml
ITime Provides Internet Time (ITime), as defined by Swatch. The SOAP Internet Time (ITime) service is an application that will return the current Internet Time, as defined by Swatch. Essentially, the day is broken down into 1000 beats, and the time is based in Switzerland. The point is that if a person references the Internet Time of 250, it means the same thing no matter what time zone or location any person is in. lemurlabs http://www.lemurlabs.com/projects/soap/itime/ITimeService.wsdl
ITFinity Currency Conversion Get an Exchange rate for the currencies specified. ITFinity http://www.itfinity.net:8008/soap/exrates/exrates.wsdl
SOAP Web Search SOAP Interface to major search engines. Returns HTML search results as a string. SQLData http://www.SoapClient.com/xml/SQLDataSoap.WSDL
SQLData's WHOIS SOAP interface to the Internet domain registry. SQLData http://www.SoapClient.com/xml/SQLDataSoap.WSDL
Algebraic Calculator Takes a valid algebraic expression and returns result. Expression can be as simple as 2+2 or it could take a complex form as 20+10+((50*2)/7)+sin(12)+sqr(25) Any valid algebraic expression can be supplied. ITFinity http://www.itfinity.net:8008/soap/Calculator/Calculator.wsdl
Hazard Maps Maps of historic weather events by zipcode. Returns base64 encoded images of historic weather related storms on a per zip code basis. Phalanx http://www.phalanxsys.com/soap/hazard/hazardmaps.wsdl
EDGAR Search Searches SEC's EDGAR database. The service searches US SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) EDGAR database, which contains filings from public traded companies. SQLData http://www.SoapClient.com/xml/SQLDataSoap.wsdl
Prasad's Stock Quote Service Stock quotes This service provides Nasdaq Stock Quotes for Stock Symbols. Prasad DV http://www22.brinkster.com/prasads/LiveQuoteService.asmx?WSDL
Breaking News Service News headlines from variety of news sites. This service is an aid to Portal Developers for incorporating the latest breaking news from CNN, CBS, CBS Sports and MSN Money Central websites in their websites and delivers the Latest News headlines as HTML Formatted string Prasad DV http://www22.brinkster.com/prasads/BreakingNewsService.asmx?WSDL
Web Site Visitor Management Web site management system. 100+ functions for Managing a Web Site, created as a free commercial service for web companies to allow them to use this functionality instead of developing their own in-house utilities. Handles logging on and off a site, creating users etc. Can also be used with the Address component we developed previously see http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/caddress/caddress.xml. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/cvisitor/cvisitor.xml
Dealing Playing Cards Card dealer service. Fun SOAP utility that deals you either a single card or a hand of cards. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/xmlone/carddealing/ccards.xml
SALFileSystem Advanced virtual filesystem Allows file system to access to designated area on the SOAP server. Functionality includes retrieving a directory listing, create or deleting directories, creating, retrieving and deleting files. Supports binary file transfers by converting binary to Base64. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/lucin/filesystem/cfilesystem.xml
Headline News Last news coverage from various sources. SQLData http://www.SoapClient.com/xml/SQLDataSoap.WSDL
SOAPWare Manila Site SOAP-based publishing based on Userland's Manila. Users can request an account on the soapware site. Once registered, the user is provided a website, complete with personal URL, that can be built using Userland's Manila content management interfaces, including a full suite of SOAP methods. Userland SW http://www.xmethods.net/sd/manila.wsdl
SDLToWSDL10 SDL to WSDL translator This web service will take a URL to a SDL file, read the file SDL file content, convert the content into WSDL version 1.0 format, save the WSDL file, and provide a URL to the new WSDL file where it can be viewed and / or downloaded Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/schemaconv/sdltowsdl10/csdltowsdl10.xml
Mailing List Management Mailing List maintenance and management for web sites Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/cmailinglist/cmailinglist.xml
DiceThrowing Throwing a dice with either 100, 10 or 6 sides Web Service using a randomly generated number between 1 and the number of the dice being used. It has three functions each one using a different maximum number of sides. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/xmlone/dicethrowing/cdice.xml
SimpleCalculator Simple calculator for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Four functions are supplied... 1. Add two numbers together 2. Subtract two numbers 3. Divide two numbers 4. Multiple two numbers Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/xmlone/simplecalculator/csimplecalc.xml
Credit Card Management Credit card maintenance and management for web sites. 20+ functions for Managing a Credit Card details for a Web Site, created as a free commercial service for web companies to allow them to use this functionality instead of developing their own in-house utilities. Handles creating credit card records, authorising cards, unauthorising cards, checking valid card numbers, etc. Can also be used with the Address component we developed previously - see http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/caddress/caddress.xml. and the web site visitor component - http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/cvisitor/cvisitor.xml and the mailing list component - http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/cmailinglist/cmailinglist.xml Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/userman/ccard/ccard.xml
FrancsToEuros Conversion of amount in Francs to amount in Euros - code provided by freevbcode www.freevbcode.com Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/freevbcode/francstoeuros/cfrancstoeuros.xml
DateFunctions A number of date calculation functions. Such as DateAtEndOfMonth where you can specify a date such as 01/01/01 and it will return the date at the end of the month (01/31/01) Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/freevbcode/datefunctions/ccalcdates.xml
MailToTheFuture Sends your e-mail at a future date/time. See http://www.mailtothefuture.com/ for more info. Userland SW  
xmlStorageSystem Internet storage system for XML documents programmable via XML-RPC and SOAP 1.1. From service home page: It has entry-points that allow you to register with the service; upload a group of files (as few as 1); query the server to find out its capabilities; and to register a notification request. The XML documents it stores are accessible through HTTP. It allows callbacks for publish-and-subscribe. It supports two-way synchronization. Userland SW  
Email Email sender service From LUCIN, the owners of the service: "This is a demonstration utility to allow anyone to send an email. It also opens up some serious discussion and alarms when we were able to produce this type of utility within a few hours. This utility is obviously prone to possible misuse, therefore we will be closely scrutinising any emails for possible infringement of civil or corporate law. " Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/lucin/email/cemail.xml
Web Service Search WSDL Search service This web service allows a simple text search of all web services currently registered with SAL Central Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/lucin/searchsalcentral/csalcentral.xml
Alan Bush Compositions Interface to the Alan Bush Compositions Database. The Alan Bush Compositions Web Service provides a SOAP interface to the Compositions Database of the British composer Alan Bush who lived from 1900 to 1995. The database in HTML format can be viewed at http://www.alanbushtrust.org.uk It provides 2 methods: GetCategories - Provides a list of composition categories. GetCompositions - Provides a list of compositions for a particular category. Alan Bush M.T. http://www.alanbushtrust.org.uk/soap/compositions.wsdl
BOVESPA Stock Quotes São Paulo Stock Exchange(BOVESPA) delayed quotes 15 minute delayed stock quote from the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA) Itera  
Text Messaging Send a text message to a mobile phone. Also you can use this service to return a list of Countries and their international dialing codes, to work out the mobile phone number to send the text message to. In addition, the service can also be used to validate a mobile phone number before you send a text message to make sure it has a valid international dialing code at the start. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/lucin/smsmessaging/process.xml
Temperature Converter Converts temperatures from one unit to another Has 6 functions : CelsiusToFahrenheit, FahrenheitToCelsius, FahrenheitToKelvin, CelsiusToKelvin, KelvinToCelsius, KelvinToFahrenheit. Will convert from first named unit to second named unit. Code provided by a1vbcode Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/a1vbcode/temperature/ctemperature.xml
Distance Converter Converts distance from one unit of measurement to another. The units available are:Centimeter, Meter, Kilometer, Inches, Feet and Miles. For exmple one method available is "MilesToCentiMeter", which accepts a value in Miles are returns that value in centimeters Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/a1vbcode/distance/cdistance.xml
Weight Converter Converts weights from one measure to another. Units for conversion are: Grams, Kilograms, Ounces or Pounds. Methods are available to convert from any one of these units of measures to any of the other units of measure, for example OuncesToGrams, PoundsToKilograms. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/a1vbcode/weight/cweight.xml
Volume Converter Converts from one volume measure to another. Units of measure available are: Liters, Pints and Gallons. For example PintsToLiters, GallonsToLiters Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/a1vbcode/volume/cvolume.xml
Pressure Converter Converts Pressure from unit of measure to another. Units of measure available are: Pound per sq inch and Kilograms per sq cm. For example : PoundsPerSqrInchToKilogramsPerSqrCentimeter Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/a1vbcode/pressure/cpressure.xml
freedb via SOAP Database of audio CDs via SOAP. idoox http://soap.idoox.net:7090/cddb/cddb.wsdl
elevenProspect NNTP Usenet News via SOAP The XBlocks newsgroup interface provides a SOAP interface to a subset of the available usenet newsgroups. elevenProspect http://www.elevenprospect.com/wsdl/nntp.wsdl
rpmfind tool via SOAP Retrieve RPM packages via SOAP idoox http://soap.idoox.net:7090/rpmfind/wsdl/rpm.wsdl
Electricity Calculator Various electricity-related calculations Provides Computations involving watts, voltages and amperes. Alos, using this service you may select the size of a cable for your household appliances. Terms Defined: Amperes: is the rate of flow of current. An amp, in short, is one coulomb per second. A common household applicance, such as a refrigretor requires 15 amp plug.Most household gadgets require a 15 line. Volts: This is the pressure of the electric power. Most household wiring has 120V. Watts: Actual amount of power fowing in a wire is quantiffied as Watts. This is what our electricity bill is based on. IONA http://www.xmlbus.com:9010/ionasoap/servlet/ElectricityWebService
Inch <-> Millimeter Converter Converts inches <-> mm IONA http://www.xmlbus.com:9010/ionasoap/servlet/Converter
Kazoo Training Classes Kazoo Software training course schedule This is a SOAP server developed with Delphi 6 technology by Kazoo Software Inc. The service provides dates and descriptions of future training courses provided by Kazoo Software in the US and Europe. Kazoo http://www.kazoosoft.com/scripts/IKazooClasses.wsdl
Agni Find MP3 Finds MP3 files on the Internet. Method takes a search string and the maximum no. of results to return, and returns the URL, Filename, Size and Downloadable Speed of each file found. Agni http://www.agnisoft.com/soap/mssoapmp3search.xml
Flighttracker Real time flight information Provides real time flight information for flights in the air. Requires airline code and flight number as parameters. Uses information from www.trip.com. The following are valid airline codes: Aer Lingus - EIN Air Canada - ACA Air France - AFR AirTran - TRS Alaska Airlines - ASA Allegro Airlines - GRO America West Airlines - AWE American Airlines - AAL American Eagle - EGF American Trans Air - AMT Atlantic Coast Airlines (United Express) - BLR Atlantic Southeast Airlines - CAA British Airways - BAW Britt Airways - BTA Business Express - GAA CCAir - CDL Canadian Airlines International - CDN Champion Air - CCP Comair - COM Commutair - UCA Continental Airlines - COA Continental Express - BTA Delta Air Lines - DAL Frontier Airlines - FFT Great Lakes Aviation - GLA Horizon Airlines - QXE jetBlue - JBU Jetstream International Airlines - JIA KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KLM Legend Airlines - LGD Lufthansa - DLH Mesa Airlines - ASH Mesaba Airlines - MES Midway Airlines - MDW Midwest Express Airlines - MEP National Airlines - ROK Northwest Airlines - NWA Northwest Airlink - FLG Pennsylvania Airlines (USAir Express) - ALO Reno Air - ROA Sabena - SAB Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) - SAS Sky West Airlines - SKW Southwest Airlines - SWA Spirit Airlines - NKS Trans World Airlines - TWA Trans World Express - LOF USAirExpress/Shuttle - PDT USAirways - USA United Airlines - UAL Vanguard Airlines - VGD ObjectSpace http://testvger.objectspace.com/wsdl/FlightTrackerService_Service-impl.wsdl
Delphi ISAPI Tutorials Interface to Delphi ISAP tutorials at Matlus site This WebService is built using Delphi 6. The service provides an interface to the Delphi ISAPI Tutorials found on the "Matlus - The Delphi Apostle" website at http://www.matlus.com Shiv Kumar http://webservices.matlus.com/scripts/tutorialswebservice.dll/wsdl/IISAPITutorials
Text-To-Speech (TTS) A Text-To-Speech (TTS) web service. This web service will generate a TTS wave file from a text string. ObjectSpace http://testvger.objectspace.com/wsdl/TTSService.wsdl
Lottery Generates random numbers for use in a lottery. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/lucin/Lottery/GenerateNumbers.xml
GeneratePassword Password generator The GeneratePassword service has only one method, GetPassKey, which returns a randomly generated password which is a combination of letters and numbers. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/lucin/GeneratePassword/GeneratePassword.xml
Shakespearean Insult Generator Generates a Shakespearean inspired insult. The method call returns a string that is made up of two adjectives and a noun, selected at random from lists. Users can find out more about the function call itself at http://community.borland.com/article/0,1410,26178,00. html Nick Hodges http://www.nickhodges.com/bin/ShakespeareWS.exe/wsdl/IShakespeare
Babelfish Translation Server Interface for Altavista's Babelfish Translation Service. The service has one method, getTranslation, that takes a text string and a language identifier and returns the translated text. Users can provide language-to-language codes (en_es, fr_de, etc.) or can provide one-language shortcuts from english (spanish, french, etc.) VelociGen http://services.xmltoday.com/vx_engine/wsdl_publish.vep/translate.wsdl
Real-Time Stock Quotes Stock quotes This service retrieves a real-time stock quote from finance.yahoo.com. It supports multiple ticker symbols and provides bid/ask/last/change/etc. VelociGen http://services.xmltoday.com/vx_engine/wsdl_publish.vep/realtime.wsdl
Euro Currency Converter Converts money amounts between Euro currencies. This live Web Service developed using the Shinka Business Development Platform converts money amounts between the currencies of the Euro zone. The service consists of two operations: getCurrencies returns the currencies and their exchange rates and calculateExchangeRate calculates the exchange rate between two currencies. Shinka Tech http://www.shinkatech.com/interop/CurrencyConverter.wsdl
Send an Email Email sender service This is a simple wrapper around SMTP. Using this webservice you can send an email without attachments to anyone without the need for configuration. Shiv Kumar http://webservices.matlus.com/scripts/emailwebservice.dll/wsdl/IEmailService
Who Is Implementation of the whois protocol This is an implementation of the WhoIs protocol. Given a domain name, this service returns the information available at Internic about the domain. Shiv Kumar http://webservices.matlus.com/scripts/whoiswebservice.dll/wsdl/IWhoIs
Airline Fare Checker Returns airfare/flight information. This service retrieves flight information (with prices) from travel.yahoo.com. VelociGen http://www.velocigen.com:82/vx_engine/wsdl_publish.vep/flight.wsdl
WordFind Pattern matching word finder and anagram generator useful for solving crosswords. This webservice was written with a pre-release version of Delphi 6, and is deployed with special permission from Borland. Dave Nottage http://webservices.matlus.com/scripts/WordFind.DLL/wsdl/IWordFind
Joke of the Day Provides a random joke on each execution. VelociGen http://services.xmltoday.com/vx_engine/wsdl_publish.vep/joke.wsdl
Calc Simple calculator operations Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Works with the Calc MSSOAP toolkit clients xmlcomponents.com http://xmlcomponents.com/CalcBin/Calc.dll/WSDL
Numbers to Words Convert Numbers to English, used for checks. Tom Chamberlain http://powerofzen.com/cgi-bin/wordsforchecks.exe/wsdl/IWordsForCheck
Jabber Messenger Sends a message through the jabber IM service. You must be registered to use this service! Get your account at www.jabbercentral.com Itera http://www.itera.com.br/soap/services/jabber/jabber.wsdl
PolyCalc Calculates the area of a polygon based on a provided sequence of co-ordinates. Cape Clear http://www.capescience.com/resources/web_services/PolyCalcApp.wsdl
Discordian Converts dates ... from the Gregorian to the Semi-Divinely Revealed POEE Calendar Compkarori http://www.compkarori.com/wsdl/discordian.wsdl
DNS Lookup Service DNS resolver This live Web Service was developed using the Shinka Integration Server to resolve internet protocol (IP) addresses or internet names from IP addresses or hostnames. Shinka Tech http://www.shinkatech.com/interop/NSLookup/NSLookup.wsdl
UnitConverter Converts between units of measure The service holds unit ratios for some measures and uses them to convert values between different units. For every measure, a base unit and a list of units is stored. For every unit, its ratio to the measure's base unit is stored. A user can list measures and units, add measures and units and convert values between different units. Spreeweb Berlin http://www.spreeweb.de/webservice/UnitConverter.wsdl
Perl Package Checker Queries ActiveState's Package State Database A "simple" web service supporting queries to the Perl Package State Database (PSDB) maintained by ActiveState. For a Perl package name specified by the user, the server will return the version number, description, or location of the package. ActiveState http://soaptest.activestate.com:8080/StockQuotePlus.wsdl
StockQuotePlus Stock quote with currency conversion A "compound" web services supporting enhanced functions for stock quote retrieval. Two methods are supported. The first requires the user to specify a stock symbol, and a country name (e.g. France, Germany), and it will return the quote in that country's currency. The second allows the user to specify a list of symbols, and it will return a corresponding list of real-time quotes. ActiveState http://soaptest.activestate.com:8080/StockQuotePlus.wsdl
BabelAdvogato Retrieves articles from Advogato.org. Retrieval of the listing of featured articles from Advogato.org, with the article titles translated into a specified foreign language. ActiveState http://soaptest.activestate.com:8080/BabelAdvogato.wsdl
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometric function library. QualTech IT http://www.qualtech.com.br/webservices/scripts/TrigService.exe/wsdl/ITrigLib
immigrationnews-service Recent News on Immigration Provides the latest information on the topic of immigration, gleaned from various websites manually. Currently the service displays one and only one news item. The plan is to beef up the service and provide more interfaces in the near future. Vivek Anumolu http://www.telecomom.com/wsdl/ImmigrationNews_Service.wsdl
SampleInterbaseWS Example of access to database via SOAP. This service allows you to access data and metadata of the sample employee.gdb InterBase Database through SOAP. QualTech IT http://www.qualtech.com.br/webservices/scripts/SampleInterbaseWS.exe/wsdl/ISampleInterbase
Techmine's latest publications Techmetrix publications. Get the latest publications of the groupe SQLI's R&D department (Techmetrix Research) Techmetrix http://www.techmetrix.net:8080/wsdl/GetArticle_Service.wsdl
SendEmail Send an email using Abysal-webDTP. This is a simple Web Service to send an e-mail; files cannot be attached. The server is Abysal-webDTP. Abysal http://www.abysal.com/WSDLFiles/AbysalEmail.wsdl
translation service German <-> English translation. Service that translates german <-> english and vice versa. Very simple service for demonstration purpose. Binding to tcl, java, vb, vbs and word are demonstrated. iternum http://www.iternum.com/idj/webservices/wsdl/TranslatorService.wsdl
ZipCodes Validates US and US Territory zip codes. John Lehmann http://services.pagedownweb.com/ZipCodes.asmx?WSDL
AirportWeather Current Airport Weather Conditions Retrieve Current Weather Conditions at an ICAO Airport or Airfield. Cape Clear http://www.capescience.com/AirportWeather.wsdl
CustomNewsFeedinXMLFormat Web service interface to Moreover News Service. Submit a News Topic and a List of Articles will be returned in XML. Seanco http://v003u23wlw.net.maximumasp.com/V2WSCustNews.asmx?WSDL
dotNETDailyFact .NET factoid updated daily. Returns a fact of the day reflecting all aspects of the dotNET platform. Seanco http://v003u23wlw.net.maximumasp.com/V2WSDailyNet.asmx?WSDL
XMLDailyFact XML factoid updated daily. Returns a fact of the day reflecting all aspects of XML. Seanco http://v003u23wlw.net.maximumasp.com/V2WSDailyXml.asmx?WSDL
SportingGoodsFinder Sporting goods product finder. Accepts a sporting goods search string and returns a URL pointing to the search results. Seanco http://v003u23wlw.net.maximumasp.com/V2WSSportingGoods.asmx?WSDL
VideoGamesFinder Video game product finder. Accepts a video games search string and returns a URL pointing to the search results. Seanco http://v003u23wlw.net.maximumasp.com/V2WSVideoGames.asmx?WSDL
ElectronicProductsFinder Electronics product finder. Accepts an electronic products search string and returns a URL pointing to the search results. Seanco http://v003u23wlw.net.maximumasp.com/V2WSElectronics.asmx?WSDL
CEPInfo Brazilian post office zip code (CEP) info Service that queries the official Brazilian Post-Office database for zip code (CEP) information: State, City, Street and Area There are two interfaces available: one in English and another in Portuguese QualTech IT http://www.qualtech.com.br/cgi-bin/CepInfo.exe/wsdl/ICEPInfoBR
Tic Tac Toe The game of Tic-Tac-Toe This web service implements the game of Tic Tac Toe using the magic square algorithm, which uses the following board layout: 8 3 4 1 5 9 6 7 2 If any three (different) moves of the same player result in a sum of 15, then this player has won. The same algorithm is used to find the next move to win, or prevent the opponent to win. Bob Swart http://DrBob42.TDMWeb.com/cgi-bin/TicTacToe.exe/wsdl/ITicTacToe
Romulan Numbers XLII Convert roman numbers <-> digital numbers Bob Swart http://drbob42.tdmweb.com/cgi-bin/Romulan.exe/wsdl/IRoman
Number To Words (in Dutch) Converts Numbers to Dutch words (like 17 is translated to "zeventien"). Useful in (Dutch) financial transactions. Bob Swart http://drbob42.tdmweb.com/cgi-bin/NumberToWordsInDutch.exe/wsdl/IDutch
Date Time Requestor Service Date/Time service This is a very simple service that requests the date and time from a server. It includes a single interface (IDateTimeRequestor) with two methods,GetCurrentTime and GetCurrentDate (which currently return strings). PILLAR http://www.ewhipple.net/cgi-bin/DateTimeWebApp.exe/wsdl/IDateTimeRequestor
Dr.Bob's Programming Clinic Headlines News headlines on six topics. Dr.Bob's Clinic News Headline Service produces headlines, with the focus on six topics: Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, Kylix, SOAP and BorCon. News headlines can be obtained in three formats: plain ASCII, HTML and WML (for your WAP device). You can download a sample Windows GUI (including Delphi 6 source code) that even (optionally) translates the ASCII text from English to German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. Bob Swart http://drbob42.tdmweb.com/cgi-bin/DrBobsClinic.exe/wsdl/IHeadline
Ampent Lease Calculator monthly lease payment calculator This service, based on the amount , term and buyout option for a loan calcualtes the per monthly lease payment. eByz http://ws.ebyz.com/WS/ampent/ampent.wsdl
NearestTileDealer Locates Nearest Tile Dealer in USA/Canada Infobiquity
Area Code / Country Code Lookup Reverse lookup of US Area codes and International Country codes. Dave Bhatia http://www.taragroup.com/bin/AreaCode.exe/wsdl/iGetArea
Yahoo User Ping Yahoo user presence info Given a valid Yahoo user id, the service will check to see if the user is currently online Allesta http://www.allesta.net/webservices/wsdl/YahooUserPingService.xml
LatestSoccerNews Soccer news This service has two methods: 1. GetLatestSoccerNewsXML 2. GetLatestSoccerNews Both methods return up to date soccer articles from around the world, containing headlines and URL to the full stories. 1. GetLatestSoccerNewsXML - This method returns a URL Encoded XML string of the soccer stories 2. GetLatestSoccerNews - This method returns a recordset of the news stories using a By Ref argument. Lucin http://sal006.salnetwork.com:83/Gwen/LatestSoccerNews/CSoccerNews.xml
Health Care Provider Search Locates Healthcare providers in USA given a State or Zip Code Infobiquity
Xara 3D graphics generator 3d Text graphics generator A Web Service that generates high quality 3D text heading graphics. You pass the graphic template style, along with the text, color and a few other parameters. This renders a high quality anti-aliased graphic, stores it on the server and returns the URL of the graphic. The SOAP call should take approximately half a second. This is based on the proprietary Xara 3D graphic rendering engine. Xara also provide a Web Service Module that provides a UI front end for this Web Service that can be embedded into any website to provide 3D graphic generator to end-users and webmasters. More info can be found at http://www.club.xara.com/referrer/headmaker_trial.asp. This is the first of a range of Xara Web Services and Web Service Modules (which are Web Services with a UI) that will be released in future. If you are interested in licensing this Web Service for commercial use please contact sales@xaraonline.com Xara http://ws.xara.com/graphicrender/render3d.wsdl
Online Messenger Service Online instant-messaging service Use the Online Messenger Service webservice to add a Messenger (like ICQ , MSN Messenger, America Online Instant Messenger) to your applications. Ni-Frith Media Sys http://www.nims.nl/soap/oms.wsdl
Java Question Service Interface to the Java Question Bank Java Question Bank maintains a database of multiple choice questions. These questions are put under appropriate Java topics such as fundamentals, awt, oops etc. Visitors of the website may attempt each of these individual questions or in an exam [Rookie exam, SCJP mocker]. The examination history of the user is maintained and the exams taken earlier may be recreated for review. Through this web service users may access the questions from (1)any topic (2) specific topic. Rajeev Sakhuja http://www.javaquestionbank.com:8080/exam/webservices/QuestionWebService.wsdl
GPS Web Service On-line GIS model for the US The GPS Web service provides an on-line GIS model for the US that enables named locations and coordinates to be readily interchanged. Using city name, zip or neighborhood find latitude and longitude. From latitude and longitude, find the nearest towns or cities. TerraSeek  
Glossary Provides noun definitions and synonyms. There are two functions provided: array synonyms(String word) which returns an array of synonyms of the word provided array definitions(String word) which returns an array of definitinos of the word provided Luhala Group http://www.luhala.com/glossary.wsdl
MXChecker Checks for valid DNS MX records. This is a simple web service that checks for valid MX records using DNS services. You can use this service to validate any email address. This service uses DNS services to query the mail server named in your email address to see if the email address is valid. EraServer.NET http://beta2.eraserver.net/webservices/mxchecker/mxchecker.asmx?WSDL
Modulus Checker Validator for the 10-modulus algorithm The service will check if a string of digits is correct according to the 10-modulus algorithm commonly used by banks for account numbers, and for Swedish social security numbers. There are two methods in the Service - one will check if a string of digits is correct, and one will return the correct last digit given the preceding digits Tankebolaget AB http://www.tankebolaget.se/scripts/TBWS.exe/wsdl/IModulusCheck
Captain Haddock Curser Multilingual curse generator The service will generate a typical Captain Haddock curse. It can swear in different languages - if you mail us a text file with Haddock's curses in your language, we'll add it. Tankebolaget AB http://www.tankebolaget.se/scripts/Haddock.exe/wsdl/IHaddock
Microsoft Newsgroup Reader Read Microsoft Newsgroups This SOAP service will read any of the Microsoft newsgroups found at news.microsoft.com. The getheaders method will return the subject and date for the most recent posts (up to 25). The getmessage method will return the body of the specified article. Matthew Daniel http://www.codecraze.com/soap/nntp.wsdl
AyloChat Chat server web service with server clustering functionality. Aylo http://chat.aylo.com/service1.asmx?WSDL


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