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SQLData SOAP Interop Interface

Interface Detail:

Endpoint URLs:

http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/SQLDataInterop.wsdl (Base)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/InteropB.wsdl (Group B)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/InteropC.wsdl (Group C)

http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/EmptySa.wsdl (Group D)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/Import1.wsdl (Group D)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/Emport2.wsdl (Group D)
(Group D)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/compound1.wsdl (Group D)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/compound2.wsdl (Group D)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/DocLitParam.wsdl (Group D)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/DocLit.wsdl (Group D)
http://www.SoapClient.com/interop/RpcEnc.wsdl (Group D)
SOAP Action: Don't care.

Why Interop?

Unlike traditional programming models,  where functions/methods are likely consumed by your own applications, web services are to be accessed by much wider variety of applications written in different languages, using different toolkits,  even operating on different operating systems. Interoperability thus becomes crucial to the success of SOAP services, and a key criterion for selecting development platforms. 

Interop is, and has been, a community effort with participations from  large companies to small players since the beginning of 2001. Great successes have been achieved through communications, discussions, and interop testing. As an early participant and proponent of SOAP interoperability, we are thankful to all parties in the interop group for their inputs, comments and suggestions; and we strongly encourage all toolkits developers to join the community

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